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Topcar Design body kit for Porsche 991 991 Stinger

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Марка Topcar Design
Porsche 911 (991 (2011-2015))
Углеродного волокна
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Topcar Design body kit for Porsche 991 991 Stinger
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When we think of Porsche, we envision the iconic 911 Carrera, a symbol of German engineering excellence and timeless design. The Porsche 911 Carrera holds a special place in the history of the German automotive industry, and the introduction of the new generation, the legendary 991 Carrera, was a monumental moment in the world of cars.

With a keen eye on Porsche's legacy, TOPCAR, renowned for their Porsche tuning expertise, proudly presents the Porsche 991 Carrera Stinger. German engineering prowess has sculpted the 911 for decades, and TOPCAR's designers approached the task with meticulous care and attention. The result is a Porsche 991 Carrera Stinger that pays homage to the industry's core principles while accentuating the fierce and sporty spirit of this coupe.

This aerodynamic body kit transforms the Porsche 991 Carrera Stinger into a lower, wider, and more aggressive masterpiece. The front and rear bumpers, airpaths in the front bumper, extenders of the front and rear wings, hood, side skirts, additional spoiler, and exhaust pipe tips all combine to enhance its visual impact.

Key Features:

  • ✅ Front and rear bumpers
  • ✅ Airpaths in the front bumper
  • ✅ Extenders for front and rear wings
  • ✅ Hood
  • ✅ Side skirts
  • ✅ Additional spoiler
  • ✅ Exhaust pipe tips

Currently, the aero-kit is compatible with all Porsche 991 Carrera and Targa models. In the near future, it will also be available for narrower versions of the Porsche 991 Carrera and Porsche 991 Carrera S.

Quality and Craftsmanship: All components of the TOPCAR aerodynamic kit are meticulously crafted from carbon fiber using advanced vacuum forming techniques.

Performance Upgrades: TOPCAR offers engine tuning programs, including adjustments to the engine control unit, the installation of new filters, manifolds, and exhaust systems. Additionally, ultra-light forged wheels from ADV.1 improve both driving dynamics and reduce the overall weight of the car. For those looking to customize their interiors, our skilled team can create bespoke interior designs to match your preferences.

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Elevate your Porsche 991 Carrera Stinger with TOPCAR's premium body kit. Unleash the full potential of your vehicle, while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with Hodoor World's unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence.


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