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Prior Design PD800GT body kit for Mercedes AMG GT Coupe

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Марка Prior Design
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (Coupe (2014-2017))
Углеродного волокна
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Prior Design PD800GT body kit for Mercedes AMG GT Coupe

Transform your Mercedes AMG GT Coupe into a true masterpiece with the Prior Design PD800GT body kit. Crafted in Germany from high-quality carbon fiber, this kit is designed to elevate your vehicle's aesthetics and performance. Let's dive into what's included in this exceptional package:

🚗 Front Bumper Spoiler: Enhance your vehicle's front-end with a sleek and aggressive spoiler.

✈️ Ailerons Front Bumper: Aerodynamic ailerons for improved stability and style.

🔍 Inserts in the Front Bumper: Unique inserts that add character to your front bumper.

🚀 Front Fender Extenders: Extend your fenders for a wider, more commanding presence.

🌬️ Rapids: Dynamic design elements to set your AMG GT apart.

🦅 Rear Wing Extenders: A rear wing that commands attention and improves downforce.

🚗 Rear Bumper Diffuser: A functional diffuser for improved aerodynamics.

🚀 Ailerons Rear Bumper: Rear bumper ailerons for a sporty look.

🚀 Spoiler on the Trunk Lid: A stylish trunk lid spoiler that completes the look.

🚗 Hood: A carbon fiber hood that adds aggression to your vehicle's front profile.

🌐 Additional Information:

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Experience the art of automotive transformation with the Prior Design PD800GT body kit. Elevate your Mercedes AMG GT Coupe's style and performance to new heights. Explore the possibilities today! 🚗🔥

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