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Hamann body kit for BMW X5 F15 and X5M F85

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Марка Hamann
BMW X5 M (F85 (2014-2018)), BMW X5 (F15 (2013-2018))
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Hamann body kit for BMW X5 F15 and X5M F85

In the SUV segment the BMW X5M F85 SUV is the ultimate solution for driving pleasure. The X5M tuning from Hamann includes all areas of classic vehicle tuning. Starting with use of carbon parts, combinations of light alloy wheels, and extending to performance enhancements with a complete reworking of the vehicle's engine electronics with our signature engine characteristics, the X5M fan finds everything that friends of vehicles from the Bavarian capital could desire.

This kit has:

- Set of wheel-house trims 4-pieced
- Roof spoiler upper part in clear-coated Carbon black
- Roof spoiler bottom part in fiberglass version
Additional option:
- Bonnet in 100% genuine clear-coated carbon black
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