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AC Schnitzer body kit for BMW 8 series G14/G15/G16 Coupe

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Марка AC Schnitzer
BMW 8 series (G14/G15/G16 (2018+))
Углеродного волокна
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AC Schnitzer body kit for BMW 8 series G14/G15/G16 Coupe

Transform your BMW 8 series with this comprehensive body kit that includes:

For cars with M-Aerodynamics package:

  • Carbon front spoiler elements
  • Front splitter
  • Front splitter (Yes, you read it right, two!)
  • Carbon front side wings
  • Side skirts
  • Carbon rear spoiler
  • Carbon rear diffuser

For cars without M-Aerodynamics package:

  • Carbon rear spoiler

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  5. Bespoke Customization: If the AC Schnitzer Body Kit isn't quite your style, our "custom design & build" service has you covered. Our talented designers can sketch a custom body kit or forged wheels tailored to your preferences. Learn more about this service here.

🔥 Elevate Your BMW 8 Series Today!

It's time to make a statement on the road. Upgrade your BMW 8 series G14/G15/G16 Coupe with the AC Schnitzer Body Kit from Hodoor World. Unleash your car's true potential and turn heads wherever you go. Order now and experience automotive excellence like never before.

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