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Nessen R 10.1

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Brand Nessen
3 Piece
17", 18", 19", 20", 21", 22"
Forged Wheels
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Nessen R 10.1

Nessen Forged was established in late 2011 with one mission, to produce the highest quality tailored wheels, period. Since 2011 our company has grown tremendously with our wheels fitted on countless cars around the world. Our mission has not changed and we are committed to designing and manufacturing superior wheels for our customers. As of today, we have 20 different wheel models that can be manufactured in hundreds of different configurations to ensure that each wheel build is unique, and to cater to the individual. No detail is too small for Nessen Forged and that is why this year we started implementing the smallest of details to all of our wheels that, we feel, make a world of a difference. From Serial iD, to titanium hardware, all the way to our standard three-dimensional center caps, all of these options are offered at no additional cost to the customer. If exclusivity is what you're after and want the best quality in the industry, we invite you to join the leader of tailored forged wheels, Nessen Forged.

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