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Barugzai Eleganza body kit for Porsche Cayenne

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Brand Barugzai
Porsche Cayenne (959 (2017+))
United Kingdom
Body Kit
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Barugzai Eleganza body kit for Porsche Cayenne
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Barugzai Eleganza body kit for Porsche Cayenne

Looking for a way to check the price and buy a Barugzai Eleganza body kit for Porsche Cayenne? We can help you to get this limited edition kit quickly!

Porsche acknowledged as the Apex Predators of the automotive industry. Known for style through simplicity, Barugzai have taken the next step in evolution and made something good, superior. Eleganza brings out the contours and cutting edges from the Porsche and makes a derivative impact when on the roads.

Product fitting
All parts included in this kit require priming and painting. Bonding agents will be required to fit the parts on to the vehicle.

Professional installation by an experienced custom body shop is recommended as parts are After-Market and not OEM. All body kit items are shipped unfinished and require prep-work before painting. Minor adjustments may be necessary to ensure proper fitment.

This body kit set includes:

• Eleganza Front Bumper Add On
• Eleganza Rear Bumper Add On
• Eleganza Wide Arch Kit
• Eleganza Door Pannels
• Eleganza Side Skirts
• Eleganza Boot Spoiler
• Barugzai Badging
• Barugzai Exhaust Tips

Optional extras
• Barugzai Vented Bonnet

This body kit has perfect fitment and easy installation in less than 8 hours. 

Fast worldwide shipping. Installation and painting are not included.

Check shipping & installation costs with our team. E-mail: [email protected]

This kit is waiting for you! Contact us today!

Check our price and buy Barugzai Eleganza body kit for Porsche Cayenne!


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