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ADV.1 ADV05F Track Spec (Advanced Series)

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Brand ADV.1
3 Piece
18", 19", 20", 21", 22", 23", 24"
Forged Wheels
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ADV.1 ADV05F Track Spec (Advanced Series)

ADV05F track spec
Advanced series overview

An all-new revolutionary and unique design that sets the standard for others to follow. The ADV05F is a true directional multi-piece forged wheel with design details the competition can only dream about. “advanced series” features include milling into each spoke for less weight and an almost sword like edge and finish. Following the groundbreaking adv005f, the new adv10rf continues to accent its most unique feature, the “zero gravity” spoke design. The wheel's concave directional spokes are attached below the spoke at the assembly flange yet disconnected at the hub area creating the illusion that the spokes are floating in midair. The wheel also comes equipped with the latest adv.1 center cap with raised arms that perfectly align with extended spoke undercuts over the hub area to create a level of depth and details unseen on any other wheel on the market. The “rf” in the name stands for rotational and floating for a clear and distinct description.

Track spec advanced series features

  • 3 piece forged / step lip construction
  • Available in diameters 18.0-24.0 inch
  • Widths range from 4.5-13.5 inch
  • Available for most vehicle applications
  • Exposed, half exposed or hidden hardware options
  • Conforms to german tüv requirements
  • 6061 t6 treated forged aluminum
  • In house engineering / mill programming
  • Titanium hardware
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